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Apply to Rescue a TT

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Listed here is the basic information we need to begin the process of considering you as a new home for a dog. However, the more info you give us, the better the chance of our picking your family out as being the best match for one of our dogs, so please feel free to  add anything you can - about your previous dogs, what you need from your new companion, what you can offer to him. If you just say a couple of sentences and then never contact us again, chances are we'll skip over your details in favour of someone we know more about! Do keep ringing us, once a month or so, to let us know that you are still keen!

Our email address is mbaker79@btinternet.com

Click here to email us now

Send us an email and give us this information as a bare minimum:-

Your name, address inc postcode
Your phone number, landline and mobile
Your email address

Info on any current pets, either that live with you or visit regularly, and their temperament with other dogs

Whether  you have young children, or children visiting

What experience do you have with Tibetan Terriers?

Why have you decided that it's a TT that you want?

Do you have a garden, is it completely secure?

How many hours a day/week do you work?

Where would the dog tend to sleep?

What are you looking for? Boy/girl? Age limit? 

Anything else you can think of to tell us why you think you would like to be owned by a Tibetan Terrier.


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